Sunshine in Hawaii

I went snorkeling this afternoon and saw a spotted Eagle Ray, 3 sea turtles, and a bunch of very colorful fish. It is quite relaxing swimming along slowly with a mask and snorkel looking around amongst the coral looking for fish. When I saw the first  turtle swimming along below me just a couple of feet I remembered that tiger sharks hunt for sea turtles and wondered if any ever came this close to shore. About then another fellow snorkeling swam right across in front of me about 2 feet away and startled me big time!

I sat in a lawn chair for a couple of hours taking a nap this afternoon after we got back from going to church and sun burned my feet, whoooeee that hurts.

I always enjoy attending church in other places. Today we went to the church our youngest daughter Sally, her husband Aaron and their 3 kids attend regularly. It was a very good service, and I was blessed to know that our kids go to such a solid church that teaches the Bible accurately and well.

Tomorrow we are back to work remodeling Aaron and Sally’s new house.

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