Steelhead fishing

I went Steelhead fishing today on the Siletz River with a good friend. We caught about 10 between us, and 4 of them were fin clipped hatchery fish that we got to take home. It was a good day of fishing. Sometimes when I go steelhead fishing we don’t catch any fish, we don’t even have a “bump”. Those days are good days of fishing as well. It is only the ones who enjoy the “no fish” days who persevere long enough to have a “limit out fish day”, that seems to be a law of life.

The Bible says, “do not grow weary of doing good, for in due time you will reap, if you don’t  get discouraged and quit.” The only way I can keep fishing after many days of “no fish”, is to find many things in the fishing experience to enjoy besides just catching fish. I enjoy just being on the river, I enjoy the the beauty of God’s creation, and thinking about Him as I contemplate creation and what it tells me about God’s character. I enjoy the challenge of trying to make the perfect cast into the perfect place that might be holding a steelhead. I enjoy the good natured banter that takes place all day between friends. I enjoy just being away for even 8 hours from the pressures and responsibilities of life, getting refreshed in order to go right back at it doing and accomplishing something that matters, really matters with my life.

Much of life is like fishing. There are lots of bad days, where nothing goes as planned. But I work at enjoying those days as much as the days where many victories are gained and good things just role in. There are many things to focus on that will bring great joy into my heart. My marriage, my kids, my grandkids, my eternal life with God, my new glorified body that I will get someday soon, and on the list goes.

I am a happy fisherman, I choose to be.

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