Several weeks ago I heard that someone in our church had major surgery, and because he couldn’t work as he was healing up he lost his job, and then with no income had their car repossessed. When I heard this I thought of the car we had that was an extra one that someone had given to us. We hadn’t driven it for a year because the starter had gone out and I hadn’t taken the time to replace it. I replaced the starter, had a friend fix a window that wouldn’t go up, put a new headlight bulb in, washed it and then waxed it and buffed it, cleaned up the inside, and did a dozen other little things to it. They came and got it this afternoon, and as they were driving out our drive way I remembered the verse in the Bible that Jesus quoted. He said, it is more blessed to give than to receive, meaning, you will get way more joy from giving a car away to someone who needs it then you will have if someone gives you a car.


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