Presidents of the USA

Truman was President when I was born. I don’t remember him except that my Dad liked him, and compared every President after that to him. I remember quite a bit about Eisenhower, and I was a Freshman in High school when Kennedy was assassinated. I was in Mr. Berkeley’s geometry class when we heard the news. Of all our Presidents Obama was my least favorite. I was so sad when he was elected for a second term. But I faithfully prayed for him every week, and asked God to bless him, to fill him with a knowledge of His will, to protect him from evil, and to give him great wisdom as he led our country. I refused to make jokes about him that were dishonoring or to enter into discussions that were not honoring of him as our president, no matter how much I disagreed with his decisions. I voted for President Trump, but if Hilary Clinton had been elected I would have made the same commitment in regards to her. The reason is because I believe in God, and I believe that He is a sovereign God, that is, He is in charge of everything, every detail, even the smallest, most insignificant. I often don’t understand God and what He is doing, but He is not required to explain Himself to me, He is God and I am not.  I also believe He has communicated clearly His will for me, and how I am supposed to act. I can’t dictate that to others, but I am committed to loving God with all my heart, serving Him with all my strength, and obeying Him in every detail of my life. He has said to honor our rulers, to pray for them, and to trust God. I choose to do that, and a blessing that I have from Him because I trust Him and work at obeying Him is great peace and joy.

2 thoughts on “Presidents of the USA

  1. Lou Ellen

    Amen, Dee. I agree wholeheartedly! It’s pretty clear in God’s word that, even though we think the people of the USA made the decision on who our presidents will be, GOD placed them over us. That’s why we Friday-morning pray-ers get together faithfully every week….to pray for those in authority over us. God will bless if we pray!


  2. Heather Louise

    This has been a topic on my mind and in my heart ever since the election campaigns began. It breaks my heart to see people freaking out, and using this election to behave badly. I pray for the peace in our country, and that the level of gratitude will increase. Most Americans have no idea how truly blessed we are. I have been to other countries where people live in cardboard shanties and that is their home, where meat is an absolute luxury and you cannot just go down to the grocery store and get fruit and vegetables in season all year long. What other country exists where people think its normal to spend $5 on a coffee every day or go get fast food because they don’t want to make dinner tonight…? We are a truly blessed country, and God is in control! It is HE who appoints the rulers and authority, not our “election”. I pray that people will see His hand in our lives and our president.



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