Several guys and I went to the movies tonight and saw “Hack Saw Ridge” together. It is a true story of War World II, and a fellow that was a consciences objector and refused to carry a gun and went into the army as a medic. The story ends with a major battle in which he single handily saved 75 wounded soldiers by dragging them to safety under fire. The core of the story is about his faith in God and his devotion to His Word and obeying Him. It was very inspiring to see his story acted out on the big screen.

I so much enjoyed seeing and hearing about Desmond Doss’s courage and faith when we got home I ordered three Kindle books about him from Amazon. I always wonder when I hear about, read, or see a movie about a person who has exemplary character how it came about. I wonder about what the circumstances of his life were that forged such a man of courage and character. People aren’t born that way.

I am very interested in the topic of character development in people, for myself and also as a pastor what I can do to facilitate the growth of character in the people in my life. Many of the stories in the Bible are about people who had major flaws and made sinful choices, but also had the kind of character that God uses.  In reading their stories over and over in the Bible it is clear they didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be the person they had become. There were people in their lives, and events and circumstances that worked together to mold them like clay into a strong person of great character.

I believe there is a mysterious partnership between us and God as He sovereignly causes events to occur in our life that will shape us, and He brings people into our life who will teach us, and then we choose how we will respond. My prayer for myself and all those I pray for each week is that we would see all the events of our  life as God caused, and recognize that He is creating for us the perfect environment for our growth and that we would not fuss or complain about what He does, but rejoice and cooperate with Him.

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