Goals X

II Timothy 2:5 says, “no soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life”. Most people are entangled in the affairs of everyday life up to their eyeballs! In other words, we are super busy, and much of what we are doing has little eternal value, it is just busy. Life in our culture gets way too busy even while we are sleeping, we don’t even have to work at it, it just happens. Having a full life is great as long as what we are doing we chose to do because of its potential for significant accomplishment. Being too busy with a lot of meaningless busy work, being too busy taking care of too much stuff, being too busy trying to earn more money to buy more stuff that will require more time to use and take care of. People in that busy situation rarely make goals. They don’t have time to choose to do things that matter, they don’t have time to sit down and write 12 goals, they don’t have time to read them everyday, they don’t have time to be in an accountability group. Those who choose not to set goals because they are too busy are in a bad state in life, and it is very hard to get off that merry-go-round, they just keep going round and round, round  and round.

If you are on this merry-go-round force yourself to make some goals, just 6, the first goal is to read your Bible for 15 minutes everyday, the second to pray for 15 minutes everyday, and the remaining 4 will have as their purpose to simplify your life. The simple life, the uncluttered life, the life focused on what matters. Goal number 3 is, “I will write down everything I do in a month in detail”.  Goal number 4 is “I will rank everything on the list with a number of 1 to 5, 1 being super important, and 5 being , busy work”. Goal number 6 is “I will eliminate all number 5 activities from my life.” This will make a huge difference in your life if you have the guts to do it.

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