Beef steaks

Monday, my two sons Sam and Seth and I killed and butchered a black angus steer that weighed about 1,400 lbs. Today, most of  the kids and grandkids came over and we cut and wrapped the whole steer. It is a lot of fun to do such a big project with all the family  involved and helping. I built a big table out in my shop where we had hung the beef from the rafters on Monday. With one of the quarters on the table at a time we would surround it and hack away. We would cut out the roasts and steaks first and then cut all the rest of the meat off of the bones and run it through our little Cabella’s 2 horse meat grinder. The meat was weighed and wrapped and then stacked into one of our 3 freezers. We got a lot of really nice meat for all of our family , and the really nice thing was it was free. God does bless, and take care of us. Several of the  grandsons wanted to help with the cutting, so ai let them but kept telling them to be really careful with those razor sharp knives, and then I cut my finger bad and bled all over everything.  Oh well, now they know what not to do. Thank You Lord for a very nice day, and thank You for Your provisions for us.

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