Time management

Almost every person would like to manage their time better. We all have 168 hours in a week, we are exactly the same. But there are those people that we know that seem to get twice as much done in their day as we do. There is a reason that they do, and those reasons are consistant principles of time management. Time management has to do with what we have accomplished in a given amount of time that matters . The most significant principle of all that there are is to keep careful records of all that you  do each  day. On a simple spread sheet put areas of work and life across the top, and down the side put the dates. Each day put in the amount of time you spent on each area, and then once each week total the amount of time under each area of work and life. Do this religiously every night before you go to bed. Keeping track of our time makes us much more aware of how we waste our time, and also there comes a growing desire to do better. I have kept track of how I spend my time for many years now. This daily discipline helps me keep my life in balance between the different areas of responsibility. Manage time well and you can go fishing!

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