Think Right

Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks, so he is”. Our character, habits, and behavior starts in our heart, in that conversation that is constantly going on with ourselves within ourselves about everything. If we are going to grow in character, and change ourselves we must learn how to control our thinking. There is basically 7 areas of thinking that  are  bad for us, and results in negative behavior.

(1) Immoral thinking. Jesus said that anyone who committed adultry in his mind was as guilty as the person who actually did it. Because nobody knows what we are thinking we let our thoughts go wild, and we fantasize all kinds of sexual sin. We know that this isn’t healthy, but we often indulge anyway.

(2) Bitter thinking. People are constantly doing and saying things that offend us, hurt us, and violate our personal rights. We will feel anger, or hurt about what they did or said, and if we let that initial feeling stay and we begin to focus on it and replay it in our mind over and over we will embed that bitterness in us and it will poison our soul and our relationships.

(3) prideful thinking. As we go through the day we see people constantly. As we see a person we immediately begin to size them up and compare ourselves to them in a variety of ways and areas. There is a level of this kind of thinking that is normal and part of relating to others, but it is easy to start elevating our appraisal of ourselves and reducing that of others until we are better than everyone and we find great enjoyment in dwelling on it.

(4) Critical and judgmental thinking. As we go through the day seeing people and assessing them we begin to focus more and more on the flaws and weaknesses in their life until that is pretty much all we see.

(5)Covetous  thinking. Allowing ourselves to focus on the stuff and situations that we would like to have to the point that we become very discontent with what we do have and we become greedy and ungrateful.

(6) Angry thinking. Very much like bitter thinking except that we begin to think about what we are going to do or say to the person who hurt us to pay them back and teach them a lesson.

(7) Foolish thinking. Because of the previous 6 kinds of thinking being unchecked in our mind we become incapapable at arriving at accurate and true conclusions on why things happen to us and how we should respond to them.

If we think right we will act right and talk right. We need to listen to the conversations we have with ourselves and work at controlling and improving them. The best way to do this is to memorize scripture and choose to meditate on it whenever we hear our thoughts going in a wrong direction.


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