A lot of people don’t set goals, because they did once and didn’t accomplish all of them and even maybe didn’t accomplish most of them, and they felt so much like a loser they quit. I set a goal to kill a Moose in Alaska last month when I went hunting with my son-in-law Philip, but I didn’t even see one. I made a goal to kill an elk during my hunt  in the Steens with my son Seth, and I didn’t even see one, except the one Seth got, but only the skinned out quarters in meat bags.

Neither one of those failures will make me quit, or feel like a loser. If I hadn’t made the goal to kill a moose I wouldn’t have budgeted our money so that we could have done it financially, and then we wouldn’t have experienced the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness on the Yukon River, and we wouldn’t have had the absolute delight of spending a week camping with our 5 wonderful grandkids. If I hadn’t made the goal to kill an elk I wouldn’t have made arrangements for my normal obligations at home and JBC, and I wouldn’t have had the cool adventure and excitement of camping in a foot of snow, or spending 4 days with my son Seth.

The benefit of goals is not just the object of the goal itself, but the growth we experience in making the effort to accomplish them and all the  other experiences on the journey of trying to accomplish the goal. A lot of the goals we will set and pursue have a lot of factors we can’t control and as a result our percentage of wins goes down. Many don’t set a goal unless they can control every detail of their goal. That is boring.

Goals move us out of our comfort zone, and cause us to learn, to grow, and have some fun and cool adventures that we wouldn’t otherwise have sitting in our recliner. Write some goals for 2017, and if you don’t accomplish all them try again next year. I am going hunting next year.

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