10 tough miles

After the first day hunting for elk in the Steens Mountains I was ready to declare my hunting days over. That night my legs ached so bad and the next day, Wednesday I could hardly walk without tipping over, but I used my walking stick and put in a pretty good day of 5 miles. Today I walked 10 miles and it was all up and down walking on uneven ground, and tonight I feel great.  My muscles adapted quickly. So I think I will hunt for another year. I ride my stationary bike an hour every night, but I am going to change that to 40 minutes and run/walk on my treadmill for 20 minutes at 6 % grade. Physical exercise is a discipline because it is not fun or easy, but at my stage in life at 68 with Parkinson’s it is super important if I am really serious about the next 10 years bearing more fruit than the previous 40 years of ministry. The importance of it doesn’t make it any the less a discipline of life.

Even more important to my life is my Bible reading/study/memorizing, and my prayer disciplines. Physical exercise helps my physical body function better and longer, spiritual exercise benifits my spirit and my relationship with God. Bible and prayer are a discipline because our flesh hates it, the devil fears it, and the world we live in sees no value in it.

Some see discipline in a negative way as contrary to grace and the Holy Spirit working in us. But discipline and self control was a major emphasis of Jesus, Paul, John, Peter, and James.

For self discipline to work with physical exercise, and spiritual exercise there must be an established routine of place and time, and there must be goals, and clearly established purposes, that is, “Why am I doing this, anyway”, and the purpose must be reviewed often , I do it daily to maintain my motivation to do the most important, but the most difficult, daily.

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