One of our daughters, her husband, and three little kids live on the coast in Washington. Early this morning they got a tornado warning and were advised to go to the center of their house away from all windows, so they got the kids out of bed and sat together in a hall way until the warning passed. Not exactly your normal Friday night routine.  Sunny, comfortable weather is  nice. Windy, rainy, cold weather with tornado warnings is not. Though they are not always totally accurate it is nice to get a bit of a warning from the weather service about what is coming so you can prepare for it.

Life has storms of crisis, unexpected events, conflicts, financial, health, death. Most of the time there is no warning about this storm that is about to strike. Some people face it, deal with it, fix it, solve it, adjust to it and when the storm passes they are stronger, wiser, better equipped to face the next storm and to help others with their storms of life. These people are strong.

The admonition to “be strong” is repeated often in the Bible. That admonition  is not telling us to just grit our teeth, clench our fists and try not to worry. When David in the Old Testament came back to his city with his army and found that all the woman and children had been kidnapped, the city burned to the ground and his men threatening to stone him. It says “David strengthened himself in the Lord”, took charge went after the kidnappers and rescued all.

God gives strength to those who ask, seek, and knock often. Every time a negative, fearful, anxious thought pops into my head, even a little one, I immediately pray and ask God for His strength. If another one pops in 10 seconds later I ask again, and again, and again. Pretty soon the anxious thoughts are farther and farther apart, and I am experiencing the “peace of God”. Strong people aren’t strong because of big muscles, they are strong because they have trained themselves to automatically and quickly turn to God in storms in total trust.

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