Successful people part 13

Truly successful people influence other people so that they grow in character and become successful people. As a Christian I want to influence people who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus to trust Him, love Him, and serve Him. As a husband I want to influence men to love their wives the way Christ loves us, as a father I want to influence other Dads who spend all their time at work and watching TV to invest lots of time in the lives of their kids before it is to late. I want to influence people who pray little to pray much, and to influence those who rarely look at the Bible to become those who delight in it. Influence is a skill that can be learned. Influence is leadership. Strong, effective influence or leadership isn’t something that is immediately obvious in that the person with it bowls you over with the force of their personality. Those who have learned the skill of influence live their life with precision and focus knowing what words and actions have the greatest power to move people positively. Those who have learned this skill have great patience knowing that influence is a steady, gentle pressure, not a punch or a shove. Those who are leaders get their greatest joy in life seeing people grow and change because of their influence. It is God’s method of  changing people to become like Him, He uses leaders. He works through faithful, committed leaders who really want to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. This skill, this ability to influence people is wisdom,  it is strong self-control, it is selfless graciousness, and it is healthy self-worth.  You get it by seeking it diligently, by watching those who have it, by asking them good questions, by reading good books, by practicing ruthless self-examination of character flaws and weaknesses, by journaling, and setting goals.

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