You aren’t my boss!

We had a bunch of our grandkids over to our house this afternoon which is always a lot of fun, but sometimes because there are so many that are about the same age there are usually some power struggles between them.  On one such occasion I heard one say to another, “you aren’t my boss!” I thought, whoooooeeee that is just like many adults I know. I recently memorized  or rememorized in Matthew 6 what is commonly called the Lord’s Prayer. About the 4th line it says, “Your will  be done on earth as it is in heaven”. That is an amazing prayer request if you think of the full extent of the meaning of it. In heaven if Jesus commands an angel to do something, they do it. With most people the response to the commands of Jesus is “You aren’t my boss”, I will do what I want. “Your will be done on the earth”, “Your will be done on the earth”, I wonder if all mighty, all powerful, all knowing creator of all the stars knows what we do and how we act?  I would guess that He knows fully and completely.  I wonder if He cares? If it matters to Him? If there are consequences to our independence? I am pretty sure that the God of the universe wouldn’t put that prayer request in the Bible “Your will be done”, if it weren’t important to Him that we follow His will. My morning prayer is “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and then I follow that up by praying “Your will be done in my life”.

1 thought on “You aren’t my boss!

  1. Tely Eash

    Wonderful words and your class today was so inspiring and convicting. Mike and I both feel we have finally found where God wants us to be! Thank you for welcoming us into the family with such open arms



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