Dealing with life

sometimes it is hard to tell what is the right thing to do in a situation, especially when what you want to do and what is the expected behavior are opposites. It is also interesting that people are so different in crisis situations in how they deal with it. My Mom was having a hard time breathing tonight so they took her by ambulance to the the hospital and she is in ICU. My wife Patty in these situations automatically Morphs into Florence Nightengale. She starts making phone calls finding out how everybody is doing, she starts reading medical journals and calling the doctors to tell them what to do ( just joking on that last,part) and then she suggests to me that we drive up,there tonight. What I would like to do is get in my 1949 Ford pickup and start driving by myself anywhere, it really doesn’t matter, until I got sleepy, curl up on the seat and sleep,until I was cold and then drive some more. I wouldn’t tell anybody where I was and I wouldn’t call, in fact I would throw my cell phone away. I would stay off the grid as it were until it was all,over one way or another. Doesn’t seem like what strong mature, responsible people do, especially pastors, but that is what ai want to do. I always wish that I could have been on a missions trip for the last two years of my Dads life. He was such a picture of strength and wisdom for me all my life but the last two years he was so weak and frail. Several years ago Mom and Patty and I went on a two week trip to Fairbanks Alaska camping  along the way. Mom and I went to a commercial gold mine for a tour and they let us pan for gold. Mom was so into that and had such a good  time. I wish that was the last memory I had of her. I don’t want to see her in a hospital bed with tubes, all white and frail, but I guess that is life.

3 thoughts on “Dealing with life

  1. Marv&Donna

    Marv went through almost the same situation with his Mom recently. And I did with mine. It is very hard to watch a loved one’s health decline. Our hearts and prayers are with you, brother.


  2. Korin Sanders

    I hear your pain… God IS close to the broken hearted! You are strong and you WILL get through this.. Ask God to help you “DO THIS RIGHT” and… Strength to fight the battle in your mind. Phil 4:8. … Focus on other lovely memories and the fact that she is so lucky to be so close to seeing our Lord Jesus… Hallelujah!!!!!!


  3. Craig Lalley

    A lot of guys understand how you feel Dee, in fact I would say we were raised to be that way. Personally it would not take much for me to go all Forest Gump on a bicycle, but I know how you feel.



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