Tuning up my behavior

Working on my 1949 Ford pickup today when I got home from my office. I put a power steering unit in it out of a Toyota 4 runner and a power steering pump from a 72 Ford Mustang. I am having trouble getting the pump lined up square with the other pulleys of which there are three.  I am always working on something on it, after all it is 67 years old.  I am 67 years old as well, and I am always working on me. One would think that by this time I would be close to perfect😀 Many people stop working on themselves and stop growing and changing. They either don’t care, it takes to must effort or they are so focused on all the flaws of others they hardly notice their own flaws. Jesus said, “blessed is he who hungers and thirsts for righteousness, he will be satisfied”. I crave holiness in my own life, but I mess up regularly anyway.  I try not to ignore it or justify it,  excuse it,  or blame others, but to own it, confess it to the Lord, reconcile with any people that I have hurt, ask for His strength to do better next time and move on.

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