A day full of variety

Nothing worse than boring, and one of the best remedies for  boring is variety. We had a day filled with variety. We peddled 87 miles today and we are staying on the shore of Somerville Lake which is just South of College Station and NW of Houston a couple hundred miles. We started out and went through a Park for 17 miles. It was very pretty but I was about done for when we finished because there was hill after hill that was super steep, 8 to 10 % grade on some I am sure. It was so humid that we were soaking wet with sweat all day long and I couldn’t wear my glasses because they would fog up so bad I couldn’t see anything. Then we went through an area that was having the 28th annual “Antique Show”. There were literally hundreds of big tents, houses, businesses that were part of this event. The traffic was crazy, it was bumper to bumper for miles. We were riding through this and there was zero shoulder. People were yelling at us and being very impatient and rude. Then it started raining to boot. We eventually made it through that and the weather even improved. I bought some very nice bicycling rain gear before we left on this trip and put it on this morning when we left camp but because of the humity and heat I was soaking wet with sweat in a very short time so I took it off and tied it on the back of the bicycle and when it started to rain I left it off because the rain felt so good. Yesterday we went through some road construction. One of my major frustrations with road construction is usually they haven’t thought out what they are going to do with bicycles. The flagger person has everyone stopped waiting for the pilot car and when we ask if we can go ahead and go, the response is we have to wait for the pilot car, but then when he comes they leave us behind and usually make 2 or 3 trips back and forth while we ride through going around  trucks and graders and construction crews as best we can. When my brother Cliff and I rode our bikes to Fairbanks, Alaska they would put our bikes in the pickup that was the pilot and let us ride up front with the driver.  Tomorrow we are going to ride 88 miles and I am hoping for boring.

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