3 big hills

imageI don’t know if the steepness of this road shows up in this picture to you. It was mostly 7% grade and went for several miles and there were 3 of them back to back to back. I walked the last couple hundred yards on the second two towards the top. The nice thing about them was each of the three peaks had a super down hill run. I got to going over 30 mph on each of the three peaks. Another good thing was that the three killer peaks were first thing this morning when we were fresh and then the afternoon was a nice comfortable ride to our destination. We rode for 62 miles today, 30 climbing the three killer peaks and coming down them and then 30 miles this afternoon riding on rollers that weren’t to high. The next two days we are going to stay here in Ingram, Texas in the “Campground down by the River”. I borrowed a fishing rod from the lady in the office and I am going to see if I can catch any fish tomorrow. The river is the Quadalupe River and it is supposed to be full of perch and bass. Sunday is Easter and there is a church within walking distance of where we are camped and we are looking forward to attending and being blessed by the Lord for choosing to go.






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