We leave on our almost 4,000 mile, San Diego to St Augistine, Florida Bicycle trip in 5 days and a standard question to me is “Are you excited”. I say “Yes” because that is what they are expecting, but the truth is I don’t think about it a whole lot of the time. I will get excited about it the night before. I set goals for the future and once I am sure all that is needed to accomplish the goal is in place I seldom think about it again. I think it is part of that right brain, left brain thing that I took a test on yesterday. A better question might be, “are you dreading it”? I am recognizing that the effort that I will have to put out to succeed will be very high and I don’t want to fail so I tend to purposely not think about it

1 thought on “Excited

  1. Jim Gregoire (your warmshowers host in NH)

    Good luck on your long bike ride. I will be thinking of you and praying for safe travels. Please return the favor as Jane and I will begin our next long hike at the end of this week too. We are traveling up the East Coast – I am hiking the roads, she is driving the car to pick me up every afternoon. Over the last two years I have hiked up the coast of FL, GA, SC, and NC. This will be segment #5 which will start in northern NC and continue 400+ miles through VA, MD and into PA. We should finish up in Holy Week in time to join family in CT for Easter. God bless you.



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