I typically put in about 12 hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday I take the day off to recover from the weekend and on Friday I take the day off to get rested up for the weekend. I enjoy Friday’s and usually work on one of my hobbies or interests around the house with a break for coffee about every hour. Today I wheelbarrowed gravel all over my place. I graveled the path to the greenhouse. I filled in all the potholes in our driveway. I hauled about 10 wheelbarrow loads into my new greenhouse. I spread gravel around the house at the door ways and around the house. It was hard work, but I had a good time and felt good about the work that was accomplished. I am careful to read 12 chapters in my Bible everyday, to pray for family and church. On Fridays I spend an hour praying for the service that God would work in and through me that the sermon I preach would give all who listen a genuine encounter with the living God of the universe. I usually sleep in a bit on Sarurdays so I enjoy staying up late on Fridays eating ice cream and reading in some good books. Thank You Lord for a good day. About all that is left is a half hour soak in the hot tub.

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