Went to the Vacation Bible School program tonight at Jefferson Baotist Church. There have been 350 kids coming each day since Monday along with about 180 volunteers who supervised, led games, did crafts, led singing, and taught Bible lessons. The program was super impressive, and it was so fun to see all those kids on the stage singing, doing hand motions and dancing around. The impressive part was the obvious good leadership and planning that had to have happened for what I watched to have happened. I thought of a passage in the gospels that is a quote from Jesus in Matthew 19:13-14, Little children were being brought to Him so that He might lay his hands on them and pray for them. The disciples tried to stop them from coming, but Jesus responded by saying, “Let the children come to Me for these are the ones that the Kingdom of heaven belongs to”. If we as a church want to please the Lord we can’t hardly go wrong planning and having programs that bless children and teaching them truth so they grow up to be strong champions. I believe the joy I was feeling tonight watching was from the Lord because He was pleased.

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