I have a gopher making a mess in my front yard. I wonder, are golfers part of “The Curse” brought on by Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit? When Jesus sets up His kingdom on the planet earth will there still be gophers? Golphers are my enemies and I take on the role of “The Sniper” in my war against them. I gas them with sulphur, trap them with the special, never fail “gophernator” trap, I wait patiently for a small movement before I blow them away with my 12 gauge shotgun. I will win! I will conquor! No stupid little rodent is going to get the best of me!! I think golphers are the physical manifestation of demons! I am going to send them all to the “Lake of Fire” reserved for the devil and his demons!

1 thought on “Golphers

  1. MarvDonna

    We had a real chuckle today. Golphers? For a while there, thought you meant Golfers! Ha Ha! We use those electronic (battery) gizmos – they work like a charm. it repels them over to the neighbor’s yard (sorry, Roy & Sheryll !)



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