Season over

Well, the Portland Trail Blazers are done. Out of the play offs in the first round in 5 games. At the start of the season I was sure they were going to go all the way to at least the quarter finals if not to the championship game. Watching the game tonight they seemed tired and unmotivated, like they had already given up. It is tough being a fan. There is absolutely nothing you can do or contribute. Just be a loyal spectator. Being an uninvolved spectator is really unfulfilling. It is so nice that the Almighty God of the Universe has included us in His plans of seeking and saving the lost and making disciples. He could easily do it all but He wants us to be His servants, His partners in accomplishing His will. I am part of the family of God, I am a disciple of Jesus, I am part of the Body of Christ, I am a member of the Bride of Christ, I am a brother of Jesus, I am a temple of the Holy Spirit. In God’s view I am quite significant. I am choosing to be fully involved, faithful, responsible, diligent, and hot in doing my part as a member on God’s team.

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