Another busy day

At 6 am I was at Shari’s resturant in Salem with half a dozen guys for accountability. We get together every Thursday and encourage each other to be faithful to our personal goals that we have set for ourselves. I enjoy this time with these guys very much.
At 11 am a group of pastors from the Seattle area came down and the JBC secretaries made a nice lunch which we ate together and then we all shared about our various ministries and brainstormed about how to do a better job and encouraged each other. They stayed about 3 hours and headed back to Seattle, another super blessed time. I spent the next couple of hours answering emails mostly to pastors encouraging and teaching. At 5:30 pm I met with a group of guys at JBC for an hour for accountability and then at 6:30 pm I taught my Men’s Leadership class 2. As I sit here in my recliner writing this I am feeling very fulfilled and blessed of God to be able to serve Him and make a difference in the lives of others and to influence churches to be more successful reaching people. Nothing feels better than being tired at the end of the day knowing that it came from doing something significant for God.

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