Growing our own Faith

My own sermons always impact me usually convicting me more than anybody else who listens to them. Most of the impact happens when I am studying and writing during the week. Tonight as I preached I was also an active listener,  and I was greatly motivated by the words that  God through the Holy Spirit was giving me. At one point I thought, boy, I hope others that are listening are as stirred up by these words as I am.  I so much want to be a man of great faith, and that desire was ratcheted up several notches tonight. I wonder what will happen in my heart tomorrow after preaching two more times. Whooooeeeee!!

2 thoughts on “Growing our own Faith

  1. Laurie Goldman

    Looking forward to your sermon. A lot of times I will have either recently read text from Scripture you use in your sermons–without knowing what you’re going to use–or later in the week after I’ve heard your sermon, I’ll “stumble” onto a Christian blog or devotional and encounter the same general theme. Sometimes both happen. Pretty cool 🙂



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