Went to the movie “Unbroken” tonight. I had read the book last year and it was an amazingly good book.  It is a true story about an American who was a Olympic star as a long distance runner, who went into the Second World War as a bombardier, crashed at sea, was in a rubber raft for 47 days, rescued and captured by the Japanese and then was tortured and treated very inhumanly for over 3 years as a prisoner of war in Japan. It is a very good movie about a man who is incredibly strong in heart and will. In the book, but not in the movie, he comes home from the war and becomes an alcoholic and is close to ruining his life and marriage when he goes to a Biily Graham revival and trusts Jesus as his savior. He goes home and pours all his liquor down the drain and becomes a completely new person. He goes back to Japan and forgives all those who tortured him. I highly recommend the movie. It will make you feel really good.  Louis Zampareni died a few months ago at 97 years of age. A true tough guy.


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