Today it rained on us a lot. Water ran off my rain cover on my helmet down my neck and socked all my cloths in spite of my rain coat. There also was a strong head wind. We had to pedal like crazy to go even 8 mph. But it was a great day! Why? Because we had two great stops. Most of the time there is nothing between where we take off from in the morning and where we are headed. But today there were two little towns and they both had restaurants. The first one was 15 miles after we started. I had an “All meat omelette”, which was an all pig meat omelette because the meat was bacon, ham, and sausage. It was big and very good, and the best hash browns I have ever eaten and 4 cups of coffee. Then 30 miles later we stopped and I had coffee and a cinnamon role. Doesn’t get much better than that even if there is wind and rain!

we bicycled 76 miles today, and because of the wind it was a long day. We were scheduled to stay at a campground but because of the rain and the forecast for more tomorrow we decided to stay in a cheap motel so that we would have a nice rest day tomorrow and really get rested. We are in Moorhead, Minnesota tonight and North Dakota is behind us.

We went through quite a bit of road construction today. When we ride by the person holding the “slow” sign one of my favorite things to do is ask them if I am going slow enough. One guy today said, “you can go as fast as you want!”

Love you all. Dee

2 thoughts on “Minnesota

  1. Kathy

    Dee, now you’re in my home state! Dan and I look forward to your blog every evening. Enjoy Minnesota! We pray for you and John every night. Kathy Reichman


  2. Jesse Kampfer

    Thank God for your daily posts. I am living vicariously through your trip, and would trade you spots at any point along the way, rather than being in my office. The wind allows you to burn more calories and see the country slower! When I read the book “Miles from Nowhere”, the author talked about how ND seemed like the most tedious part of their entire ride around the world. Glad you made it to MN!



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