More rain

Woke up this morning to 44 degree temperature where we were camped. I did not want to get out of my warm sleeping bag. We did postpone our normal 6:30 am departure to 8 am to give the sun a chance to shine, but didn’t do much good. It went from cold to rainie cold. I wore most of the cloths I brought plus my rain cloths. 

We road 66 miles today. More rolling hills but a little smaller and less steep. I have an app on my phone for bicycle route planning and when I type in the starting point and ending point it gives me the miles, the total vertical feet that will be climbed, the average steepness of the hills, and an elevation profile that gives a miniture look at the route in the sense of up and down. Sometimes when I type it in the evening and look at it my thought is, I think I am going to be sick tomorrow!  The good news is that it looks like tomorrow is flat and slightly downhill most of the day! Hallelujah!!

The place we are staying at tonight is a “Warm Showers” host home, but the owners aren’t home. They have fixed up a little apartment and the door is always open. Instructions on the door and on the answering machine is come right in and make yourself at home. Washer and dryer, shower, 4 beds, nice couch and easy chair and there is no cost. Very nice to be here tonight rather than camping in the rain for sure. 

Our goal is to bicycle about 60 miles tomorrow. We will be camping at a campground called “The Little Yellowstone” and it is right on the banks of the Shoshone River. From the web sight photos it looks like it will be a very beautiful camp sight. Don’t think they have showers, but I have 4 packs of handy wipes, that should do the trick!

We got into the part of North Dakota today that is like Minnosota in that there is a lake about every half mile. Very pretty, and lots of ducks and geese so I shoot them with my imaginary shot gun now instead of pheasant. I killed a bunch of them today! The only problem is there are clouds of mosquitos around them and it is scary when you see this big cloud of bugs hovering over your head as you ride. I pedaled as hard as I could but they didn’t seem to have any trouble keeping up. The worst thing is when a bunch get inside my bicycle helmet and start buzzing around in my hair, whooooeeeee, that will drive you crazy! 

Well, I better go get in my comfortable bed and rest up for tomorrow. Love you all. Dee

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