Weired bicycle

imageToday we met this interesting fellow from England. He had a very strong English accent and was a very jolly individual who was super interesting to talk to. He built this bicycle and is riding it all over the world. He started on this particular trip in Toronto and is riding to the West coast and then down to the tip of South America. He had all his camping stuff on the bike as we do and he had solar panels on top of his stuff to charge his iPad, phone, camera, etc. When he rode up to us on the opposite side of the road he hopped off the bike like someone jumping off of a horse and then when he got back on he pushed it from behind building up some speed and then hopped on from the back the way Roy Rogers used to do with Trigger. I don’t know how he is going to peddle that thing up the mountains and hills we have come over, but he said he was looking forward to it.

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