North Dakota

imageWe crossed into North Dakota today. This was the easiest ride of the trip. We were on Freeway I-94 all day. The reason it was the easiest was because (1) it was 37 miles, (2) the Freeway builders filled up the low spots and chopped off the high spots so the climbs were much more gradual than in the last several days, (3) there was an 8 foot shoulder so it was a very relaxed ride in the sense of worrying about getting run over, (4) every time a truck went by his draft would pick up my speed by 2 mph for a minute, and they were coming by very often, (5) and it was overcast with a little rain so we were nice and cool, unlike yesterday’s 97 degrees.

Couldn’t find any campgrounds in the area, and Motels were all full, but I cried on the phone as I was checking for places and said we were two old, tired guys riding bicycles from the West Coast to the East coast and we really needed a place to stay for the night, so this lady took pity and gave us a room in the basement with one bed. John gets the bed and I have my very fine blow up air mattress on the floor. No air conditioning, but it does have a working ceiling fan and a shower.

Tomorrow we are headed for Dickinson, North Dakota about 64 miles ride. We will have our rest day there. I found a campground that is advertised as tents only and called and reserved a spot for us. Zoomed in on it with Google Earth and it looks like somebody’s backyard. The lady said that they had showers so it should work. Love you all. Dee

5 thoughts on “North Dakota

  1. Mike Wilde

    Great to hear about this special day. A wise man once said, “Much prayer, much blessing…” There are a number of us praying for you every day. May the wind be at your back, the bugs annoy someone else, and the drivers to be kind and courteous…and may you find a hot shower and a soft place to rest every night!


  2. Steve and Patty Schaan

    So, You have entered the “outer darkness”. Steve will arrive there tomorrow night. Left today. He said you will be about 90 miles south of where he will be in Rugby. He sends his best as you make your way through the darkness and back into the light. 🙂 Prayers pastor to you both.


  3. Lloyd

    Looking good in the photo, Dee. Not sure about what we’ll think about having a skinny pastor. Praying for west winds for you.



  4. Robin Lee Klopfenstein

    Pastor D. I’m praying for you and John. I’m eager to hear about lives you have touched for Jesus. I enjoy hearing how you are buffeting your body and making it your slave. May all the Glory and Honor go to God. BTW The Montana State bird is the mosquito! lol I love you and I will keep on praying. Living for Jesus, Robin (Frederick) Klopfenstein



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