First day of torture

Started at 6 am from our house this morning. At 2 pm we were sitting in a campground at Idanha trying to recover from a super difficult day of bicycling. It was super difficult because I am super out of shape, but after the end of the first week I should be as fit as Tim Tebow! It was super difficult because there were lots of long, steep hills that made me pant like a dog and sweat like a horse. I walked several times. As soon as my pedaling is slower than 3 mph I walk. It feels so good to use different muscles and to give my rear end a break. 53 miles today and only 32 tomorrow but tomorrow is almost all uphill. We will camp at Lost Lake. We stopped and rested a lot today, just about every 5 miles for a total of 2 hours. I would probably be dead if we hadn’t!

5 thoughts on “First day of torture

  1. Terrie Hill

    Looking forward to reading your posts and following along with you on your journey. By the time you finish this 2 month adventure, you will be quite the buff Sr Pastor. Take it all in and Enjoy 🙂 I will be praying for You, John and Cliff. Keep the rubber side down.
    PS: Is there a motorcycle wave for bicycles?



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