Bicycled 30 miles today but it took us 7 hours. You do the math, not very fast. It was 90 % uphill some very steep. I had it in the lowest gear on my bike most of the day grinding out 4 to 6 mph. Made it to Lost Lake campground 4 miles before the summit of Hoodoo. Enjoying a nice dinner of  freeze dried ” chicken fajita”. Tomorrow we start the day with 4 miles of super steep and then 60 miles of mostly downhill and flat. I think it is going to be an easier day. Well I think I will find a shady spot and read my Bible and pray for you all. Love ya

4 thoughts on “Whooooooeeeeeeeee

  1. Bob Stewart

    Super job Pastor Dee. Are you keeping track of all the elevation data on your ride? Enjoy Lost Lake and the climb over Hoodoo tomorrow.


  2. Marv & Donna Ott

    We wonder how you charge your phone and iPad? Solar? We are praying for you strength, endurance and an awesome experience!



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