Day 1 Bicycle Trip 2023

Today we went about 50 miles mostly along the ocean as we began our 2000-mile trip from Canada to Mexico. The weather was sunny but not too hot, breezy but mostly a tailwind, not too many hills, and not a single dog. it was a very beautiful scenery and a comfortable first day. My legs didn’t hurt and weren’t to tired, my butt was not hurting, and everything on the bike worked great.

Tomorrow we will bicycle most of the day on Whidbey Island and ride a ferry for about 6 miles to Port Townsend, where we will camp after having ridden about 60 miles. This Memorial Day weekend, there has been lots of traffic, and probably will be more on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The ferry is going to be so busy that they recommended that we make a reservation for the motorhome, and the first available spot for it was at 6:00 pm, so we will be at our camp spot several hours before our motorhome gets there. We will probably hang out in an air-conditioned restaurant and drink Diet Pepsi.

We will be in camp each evening around 2:00 pm so I have a lot of time to read, study, and write and inside the Motorhome it is comfortable at the table if the table outside is uncomfortable or in the sun. Also many of the campgrounds have a restaurant close by that has good WiFi and I can sit in there and eat an order of chips and salsa as I read and write.

So, I am trying hard not to eat sugar on this trip, but Paul just came into the Motorhome with a half gallon of ice cream, and I can’t resist. He said that he would deny it if I put him in my blog, that is, Paul Risinger. What are friends for if not to bring a little temptation into your life?

6 thoughts on “Day 1 Bicycle Trip 2023

  1. Annette Trucco

    My father also was on Whidbey Island during World War II. He talked about how beautiful it was. It was one of the nice places that he went to during the war. God bless you Pastor Dee I am praying for your strength and endurance and safety.


  2. David Kennedy

    Praying for God’s journey mercies over all of you and especially for His Spirit to give you good health and strength as well as His enabling power as you meditate on His Word and prepare messages for JBC. Wish I could be with you enjoying the scenery as you ride, as well as the ice cream!
    I returned yesterday from a month with my brother and two of our children and four g’kids in So Cal. Nick is slowly rebounding mentally and physically. Thank you for praying for him. Dave


  3. Shawn Casey Todd

    Sounds wonderful – have a great time! Praying that God keeps you & the team safe. I miss you, but I’m glad that you have such an amazing opportunity to reflect & meditate on His word. -shawn

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