So Sad

Have you ever seen a picture of a dog more sad than my Roscoe dog? He is getting a bath in the kitchen sink and he is not enjoying it one little bit.

Have you ever been sad? You feel trapped in a situation and you don’t know how to get out of it. There is nothing about what you are experiencing that you like, you didn’t choose to be there, and you are not happy!

It happens all the time to most of us, and it could be picking up speed because of our culture moving rapidly away from being Christian. So what do we do when we find ourselves in an unfair situation? If we want to be used by God as a witness for Him we choose to act and behave the way Joseph did when he was betrayed by his brothers and ends up in prison. But because he didn’t let circumstances control him he became the second most powerful man in Egypt and saved his family, the very ones who betrayed him.

Choose to act and behave like Daniel when he became the prisoner of a foreign king who had no clue who God was, and he was thrown into a lions den but survived miraculously and those who were wrongfully his enemies got eaten. The Bible is full of stories like that to encourage us to choose act like followers of Jesus.

That is the way God operates. Pray and ask God to use you and then be prepared to face a hard situation. Don’t grumble or complain, rejoice always and look for an opportunity to influence others to follow Jesus.

Jesus saved us through the cross, and he has told us in Luke 9 that if we want to serve him and influence people we must, not an option, pick up our cross daily and follow Him.

3 thoughts on “So Sad

  1. Lou Ellen Pearson

    Amen, Dee! Seems like the last 6 months has been filled with opportunities for me to “rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all things” for after all, it’s says it’s God’s will for me in Christ Jesus. Sometimes it’s pretty hard, but that verse has been my guiding light for well over 11 years. Thanks for putting it so clearly. I also look at Esther, who stepped out in faith, even though it might have meant her throne, her position in the kingdom, and her life. She did it to save others… I want to be that kind of woman; others first, me last. And you, Dee, have been one of my biggest influencers and heroes! God bless you.



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