Follow Me and I Will Make You a Fisher of Men pt 5

A number of years ago I made a major mistake with Patty while I was fishing in Alaska. We were talking on the phone and I said, “while I am fishing I don’t think of anything or anybody else, my mind is totally consumed with fishing.” That may be true, but it wasn’t a very smart thing to say to my wife.

Part of our problem as an ambassador for Jesus, a witness for the gospel is that it isn’t very dominant in our thinking. What we think about most of the time controls our choices and behavior in life. A goal and discipline that will help get our thinking more focused on our calling and assignment from Jesus is to make a list of people in our life that are not believers and followers of Jesus, and to pray for them everyday. I call this list our, “seven for heaven” list. You can have one on the list or 20 who are neighbors, people you work with, people you see regularly or family. It takes just a couple of minutes to pray for these people but it makes a huge difference in our thinking and focus during the day, and God works in their life when we pray for them.

I assume that you all have a daily prayer time with God if even for a couple of minutes. Choose to pray for your list of lost people every day. This discipline is not hard, it takes very little time, but very few disciples of Jesus do this. It makes a big difference, give it a try.

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