Fishing for Fish, and Fishing for People pt 3

Principle # 1 – Those who fish the most will generally catch the most fish. Those who actively spend time with people interacting, talking, making friends with, hanging out with, fishing with, will influence many people to seek the Lord.

Principle # 2 – If you want to catch a lot of salmon look for someone who is catching lots of salmon, and ask him how he does it. Be humble, pay attention, ask questions, and then practice. Practice until you have the skill of catching fish.

Principle # 3 – Watch the fish.

The first farm that we bought when Dad first retired from the Navy was a long skinny piece of property that was bordered on one side by the road and on the other side by a creek that was called North Myrtle Creek. Our house was on one end of our property. When I came home from school I would get off of the bus and with the fishing rod that I had stashed in the brush I would fish the mile of creek to our house. I would usually catch about half dozen six to ten inch trout and I would proudly present them to my Mom as my contribution to our families welfare. Occasionally Dad would fish the same stretch of water after I did and he would always have a dozen fish that were 12 to 14 inches long. My Dad always out fished me, but he always out fished everybody.

We were fishing together one Saturday on a creek that neither of us had ever fished before. He was catching big trout and I was catching small trout. He kept saying to me, “watch the fish and put your bait in front of them, look for the big fish and target them.” But I couldn’t see the fish and he would say, “don’t look at the top of the water, look through the water and see the bottom of the creek.” I eventually learned to do that, it was just a matter of focus, focus on the top and that is what you see, focus on the bottom and then that is what you will see along with the fish that were lying on the bottom.

In John 4 Jesus says, “lift up your eyes and look at the fields that are ripe and ready to harvest.” Focus on the people all around you in your life and really see them. See them as lost people headed for hell for all eternity. Really look at them and study them, how are you going to reach them? Target them, pray for them, become obsessed with “catching them.”

Most of us live in the midst of lost people and we tend to be critical of their lifestyle, their words, their political views, and we seldom think about their lost condition.

It is just a matter of focus.

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