Home from Fishing in Alaska

I got home tonight from three weeks fishing in Alaska with different people from JBC and other friends. There was a different group of people each week that came up to fish, and they all had an awesome time. It varies day to day on how good the fishing is. The run itself increases every day until the peak and then begins to decline every day after that. Another factor is the commercial fisherman. When they have their nets out the number of fish making it up the river is reduced significantly. The state of Alaska monitors the number of fish that make it up the river and regulate the commercial boys accordingly. We had some huge numbers for about a week this year with the peak being 189,000 fish in one day. Anybody can catch fish when there are that many fish swimming by them. Alaska Fish and Game increased the daily limit that we could catch from three to six after that day. They use a sonar device to count the fish and I hear that it is very accurate. I came home with three 50-pound boxes of salmon fillets this year, that is a lot of salmon that I am going to be forced to eat!

We do a lot of our fishing at night because there are fewer people and more fish.
After we clean up the fillets we vacuum seal them and put them in a freezer. That process is a great group activity. Tim has eight freezers in his shop.
This is my favorite spot to fish.

Now that I am home I am going to switch over to my real job in life, fishing for people. Jesus used that term to describe what He was going to teach His disciples to do with their life as a follower of Him, to communicate the gospel in such a way that people believed it and became followers of Jesus headed for heaven instead of hell. The next couple of days I am going to write about how to become a great fisher of people using catching sockeye salmon as an illustration.

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