Who I Want to be Like

As I grew up as a kid, I always had heroes, people I admired and wanted to be like. I didn’t know them all personally, some were sports personalities and missionaries, and some really good hunters. There are still many people in my life that are role models for me in a variety of areas, but a number of year’s ago I decided to create a person in my imagination and then put it in writing so that I could use him as the ultimate model. I wrote an even dozen descriptions of my superhero in areas of life that were important to me. So far I have shared with you two of those descriptors, how my perfect person talks and his work ethic, and today I will describe his moral purity.

1 Thessalonians 4:3 For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality.

When I was a kid on the dairy we washed the milk tank, the pipeline, and the milking machines very carefully. We used a special kind of soap and rinsed everything with chlorine. The reason was that the driver of the milk truck that picked up our milk always took a sample of milk from the tank and the company that bought our milk would test it for a variety of things and one of them was bacteria. If the bacteria count was to high we didn’t get paid for that tank of milk which was a lot of money. As I washed that tank as a teenager and then as a young man I visualized myself washing my heart and making it squeaky clean.

I want to be squeaky clean in my thought life, where I let my eyes go, what I watch on television and movies, what I look at on my computer, and what I do. So many great men have messed up their lives, the lives of their families, and destroyed their ministries because they let immoral temptation get the best of them.

I know a person who is very afraid of catching COVID and they wash their hands 20 times a day and it seems like they use gallons of hand sanitizer. I am as obsessed with staying morally pure. Immoral behavior is everywhere around us, and the opportunity to partake of this behavior is everywhere and 24/7.

The desire to be morally pure is strong in me, but I must be wise; I must build fences into my life that keep me away from tempting situations, I must not compromise on practices that would make it easier to slip, I must stay close to my wife and foster a strong and growing love that will keep me faithful to her.

Above all I must faithfully practice the basic disciplines of the Christian life so that I will have a growing intimacy with God and a desire to please Him, and so that I will have God’s strength to maintain self-control.

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