The Lord’s Bond Servants Should Bear Much Fruit

I shared yesterday how I went from being a cold, stoic introvert to a warm, outgoing, cuddly teddy bear. OK that is a bit of a hyperbole, but I changed a lot because I knew I had to if I was going to succeed as a servant of Jesus. I had to relate to people if I was going to influence them, teach them, and lead them as their pastor. I strengthened my strengths, compensated for my non-strengths, and learned new skills. I didn’t have to be locked into a particular way of acting even though I was most comfortable in that role.

My strengths are that I am very goal-oriented, highly motivated to accomplish my goals, very focused, obsessed, and driven to achieve my goals. I manage my time well and achieve a lot in a short amount of time compared to many. I lead well and motivate and inspire people to work together to achieve important goals. This is who I am by God’s design, it is my temperament and giftedness.

What I do easily and naturally I have tried to teach to many people so that they can acquire it as a skill. My strengths, abilities, and gifts are very beneficial in ministry and those who learn the skills that I have enhance their ministry effectiveness a lot.

But I have experienced a lot of resistance and pushback from people-oriented extroverts, who are intuitive, free-flowing, gracious, and relaxed in temperament and personality. Their argument is that is who God made them so they are just going to be and act the way they are, and not learn to act more like me, even if it does improve significantly what they are able to accomplish with their life.

I made a concerted effort to change, grow and learn the skill of being a relational genius; well at least I moved up from being an idiot, if not a genius. I did that though I was not comfortable in that role because I knew it was necessary to be a successful servant of Jesus.

It bugs the heck out of me that there are so many who refuse to make an effort to improve their skill set in order to be more effective as a leader and servant of Jesus, and they remain mediocre in the results of their life. And then they excuse and justify their lack of fruit-bearing by saying “I yam who I yam, and that’s all I yam.”

1 thought on “The Lord’s Bond Servants Should Bear Much Fruit

  1. lisakaye2

    Pastor Duke I’m so thankful for you. I like this post because although it is painful I know it is God’s purpose for me to move forward in spite of all the uncomfortableness at the beginning, just to move in faith to be all that I can be for Him in this life. I finally saw your face after so so so many years of listening to you! Your radio voice scared me I to the truth of God’s Word at times! But such a pleasant and kind face it is! I am in Lebanon OREGON where I moved in 2018 to run away from life and become even more self absorbed and self preserving. Thank God that He woke me up from my self you His grace He put two clients that required the Gospel of Christ to be preached to them at a secular company where I worked. Isn’t the grace of God amazing? His mercy so severe? All I want now is to follow Christ and to obey Him and be conformed to His image and influence people by the love of Christ. I have struggled so very much finding a Bible believing, preaching body of Christ as well as my own introverted tendencies that I struggle with and don’t move forward in fellowship in obedience that I am shriveling up for lack of it. I am a pendulum swinging. I cannot believe I have been 15 miles away from this body if Christ all along! I’m coming. My name is Lisa Allison and I’m a sinner saved by grace. I’m not what I should be but so thankful I’m not what I was. Praise God for His great mercy toward me that He has heard my cry! He always waits for His perfect time when He knows I need Him the very most! Hallelujah He is so faithful when I deserve the opposite.



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