Leadership Class

I have taught four different leadership classes this year as a ministry at Jefferson Baptist Church. They started in October and ended today. I taught my first leadership Class in the church in 1980 and revised and improved the classes every year since. Teaching the class is the most enjoyable thing I do as the Pastor at JBC and, I believe, the most impactful ministry in our church over the years. The goals for the class are that every person would set their own goals each year and read them at least once each week as they pursue them. That each person would read the Bible every day for at least 15 minutes. That they would also spend 15 minutes every day with God in personal prayer. That husbands and wives would pray together at least three times each week. That each person would be a lifelong learner and seeker of wisdom, and would read good books and listen to podcasts faithfully. That each person would love our church as the Bride of Christ and be diligent to preserve the unity and love that we have in our church by their actions and words. That each person would be involved in some kind of ministry in our church that would cause the church to be healthy and grow. Almost everyone who goes through the class will give a 10 to 15-minute sermonette on some aspect of the class that blessed them and most impacted their life. Those will happen the last weekend of May and the first weekend in June. These are incredibly rewarding for me as I am aware of the significant growth many have experienced in the class for the year. Next year’s classes start the first week in October and I am already anticipating how rewarding they will be for me as I am involved in helping people become fully devoted followers and disciples of Jesus Christ.

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