Over the last 45 years of pastoring, my favorite part was the building projects. All of our buildings were built by volunteer labor in our church, and they were all built with cash. Every summer up until about 10 years ago was spent building. The first building project was what we call the chapel now, and it only took us three summers to build, but the gym took us six summers to finish, our present Sanctuary took eight summers, and our Discipleship Center took ten summers. Our concrete parking lot took two summers to complete. There were also several remodel projects that took a couple of summers as well. From 1977 until 2010 I spent 7 to 8 hours every day except Sundays from about June 1st until the end of August on our current building projects. I still had sermons to write, counseling to do and services to plan and preach at so I put in a huge amount of hours during the summers. Even though it was a lot of work it still was my favorite part of the year and my best memories as I look back over the years now. The reason I enjoyed it so much was that it was fun working with the people in our church family. We don’t do that now because there is no more room on our property to build any more buildings. Those were special years in the history of our church and I do miss them very much.

Tomorrow is a “Serv Inc” day. Our church is painting the Middle school. I am looking forward to tomorrow more than a fishing day, and I am so excited I doubt whether I sleep much tonight. It will be like the good old days except I won’t be moving very fast. Memories are the best part of life now.

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