We have been saving up for the work that Patty needs to have done on her teeth for about 6 months. The estimate that we got from the dentist was $2,000. We got it all saved up, but I used $1,800 to buy an outboard motor for my boat this past week. Patty’s sciatic nerve was causing so much pain I didn’t think she wanted to go to the dentist anyway. Oh well, we are $200 headed towards the goal again. The motor I bought was an older Mercury but it had been totally rebuilt so I was confident it was going to be a good motor for my boat. I got it home and mounted it on my boat, but it wouldn’t start. I did all the normal checks and found that there was no spark at the plugs. I tried taking the wire out of the coil that goes to the distributor and I couldn’t get it out. I pulled and pulled until I pulled the wire in two, and I broke the nose off of the coil trying to get the wire out with a screw driver. Outboard motors are compact engines and it helps to have hands the size of a two year old while working on one in order to reach all the nuts and parts in order to get the coil out. I finally did get it out, and took it apart and found that a mud dauber had gotten into the end of the coil and filled it with mud and cemented the wire in there. I got it all cleaned up, got a new coil wire made up, and a new coil face, and put it all back together again with only a couple of parts left over, and hallelujah it started right up. When I took it to Detroit Lake to test it out, it ran great and then died. We waited a bit and it started right up and ran great and then died again. We did this a half a dozen times, and then we gave up, got it back to the loading ramp and took it home. I worked on it today and found that the gas hose had somehow gotten under the 50 gallon tank and when I filled it with gas the weight crushed the gas line and plugged it so only a little gas could make it through. It seems to be running great now using the garden hose and the muffs to run it and keep it cool. I will take it back to Detroit this next week and give it a good test, and see if I should have spent the money on Patty’s teeth.

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