Dry as Dirt Duty

There is a journey that must be taken to become a faithful, self-controlled servant of Jesus Christ who reads their Bible every day, spends time with God in prayer every day, complains about nothing, rejoices always, only speaks words that give grace to those who hear, takes every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, loves their wife the way Jesus loves the church, and serves their church using their spiritual gift.

The journey starts with a commitment, let’s say, to read the Bible every day using the “Bible Project” reading plan. So then, the commitment will look something like this, “Dear Lord, today I will read your word, please help me to keep this commitment.” write the commitment out on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper in big letters, and tape it to wall in your bathroom. Then put some tape on your toothbrush handle, a lot of tape so you can’t miss it. Then put a cross on the tape with a felt tip marker that reminds you of your commitment. Every time you brush your teeth, you will be reminded to remake your commitment, “Dear Lord, today I will read Your Word, help me to keep this commitment.” Then you make a chart on your smartphone or Ipad for the month, and check off each day after you read your Bible. Then you ask some people to hold you accountable and tell them you are going to email a copy of your chart to them each week. Then you write out a deal to yourself sharing it with your accountability partners that if you read your Bible 28 days out of the month you are going to reward yourself with $100 to take your wife out to dinner, or buy something special for yourself, but if you fail you will give a hundred dollar bill to a homeless person or something similar. Resolve to do this with no excuses or bailing on the plan just because you fail or get discouraged.

It will probably take a year, but if you don’t wimp out you will have established a habit. Now reading your Bible is going to get much easier. If you keep it up for another year you will move to the place that Psalms one calls “in His Word he delights, ” reading the Bible is the delight of your heart, it is no longer a grind it out discipline.

The problem with most people is that they want to jump right to “delight, ” but it just doesn’t work that way. It is a journey that starts with “dry as dirt duty”, then it moves to habit, then we become a person who loves reading the Bible every day, and you couldn’t not read the Bible, it has become such a part of who you are.

Take on one discipline after the other using the same plan, and it won’t be that long before you are a faithful disciple of Jesus who is bearing much fruit.

Very few Christians ever get there, because they can’t get past the “dry as dirt duty.”

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