Pain, Weariness, Discouragment

There are so many people in our church who have cancer right now, who are going through chemo, radiation treatment, and surgeries. As I read their prayer requests I often see the word pain, and the word weary and tired, and the big word discouraged. Another group have back problems that again results in pain, and being incapacitated, and again the discouragement. There are several with COVID, some not so bad, but others quite serious, and there those words are again. A number have Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, diseases that get progressively worse over time, usually not too fast but steady, always just a little bit worse the pain, the weariness, and the discouragement. And of course there all those with heart problems, and those with memory and mental struggles, and then just plain old age issues.

And there is another whole bunch of people who are healthy, but it is their family members who have cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, COVID, and MS, and they are going through a whole different kind of pain, sorrow, and discouragement as they watch, help, and pray.

Sometimes when I spend time praying through the prayer letter and other prayer requests, I get so overwhelmed with all the pain, the weariness, and the discouragement. Overwhelmed in the sense of feeling so much concern, sorrow, and empathy that I become weary in my praying, and my emotional gas tank is on empty. And then I feel guilty for taking a break from praying just to catch my breath.

Some people get better, some miraculously so, others die, some expectantly so but others a total shock.

As we all steadily march toward the day we will die with increasing health, pain, weariness, and discouragement issues, we cope, manage, and deal with it. The reason is that we have God’s power working in us because we believe in Jesus and that He loves us.

3 thoughts on “Pain, Weariness, Discouragment

  1. Annette Trucco

    Pastor Dee
    When I prayed over the church prayer list at the beginning of the week I felt just like you! Being an RN for 50 years I have seen so much pain, sickness, sorrow, discouragement, and death. The way you said it was just like it is. We need to keep our brothers and sisters in prayer at all times with all of these things. Because of doing the prayer list in the beginning of the week all week long I kept thinking about those who are sick with all the different ailments. I kept praying for them all through the week. After reading the prayer list I got weary!
    I think God for Jesus Christ in my life otherwise I wouldn’t make it. Thank you Pastor Dee for being a prayer warrior for the sick and the downtrodden. Thank you for making our church a church of 🙏


  2. Pam Beyer

    Thank you for being so up front and honest where many others just give words of platitude to these issues. It’s good to call out discouragement when it comes and know that we are the fortunate ones who can cling to God, our fortress and strength. He walks through all things with us and takes us to the other side. We can count on Him in all circumstances. Praise Him.



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