Face Masks – why I hate them

(This blog is a repeat of and modification of one written months ago with a different title)

Even just ten minutes of looking at pictures of the Nazi concentration camps where Jews were imprisoned during the Second World War is incredibly depressing not only because of the experiences that the Jews went through but also seeing and thinking about the cruelty and what people will do to other people.
The Nazi’s had a plan and strategy in mind as they inflicted incomprehensible cruelty on the Jewish people, and that was to get them to feel less than human.

The Roman invention of crucifixion wasn’t just to inflict pain, but to dehumanize a person in their death. Read the words of Jesus on the cross in Psalms 22:6-7,
”But I am a worm and not a man,A reproach of men and despised by the people.All who see me sneer at me;They separate with the lip, they wag the head,”
When I was a kid, I had a dog, and we took her to the vet to get neutered so that she wouldn’t have puppies and be attracting all the male dogs in the area to our farm. To keep her from licking on her wound and taking the stitches out, the Vet put a plastic cone around her neck. When people saw her, they would laugh, and you could immediately see her head go down, her ears droop, her tail go down between her legs, and she would hide under the bed. Even dogs have a sense of dignity and worth that can get damaged.

When I wear one of these darn masks I feel just like my dog, they are dehumanizing. I know many who sincerely believe that masks will help in the spread of COVID, and I honor their belief, but I personally do not believe they do any good at all. There have been many doctors who have come out and stated their views about face masks and have been censored and blocked from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and You Tube. A number of doctors have lost their medical license because they dared express their unbelief in face masks. I get accused of being prideful for the way I feel, and a contributor to the spread of COVID. Some say, “you use a seat belt and a bicycle helmet,” so just wear the mask, but the value of seat belts and helmets is obvious to me, I would practice those precautions even if it wasn’t a law, and wearing a seat belt is not dehumanizing. And again, I am in no way convinced of the value of wearing a face mask. I am pretty sure that if people were asked to walk around with no cloths on because it would prevent the spread of viruses, they would refuse, because it would be very embarrassing and thus dehumanizing, and it would be very hard to convince them that their nakedness was somehow protecting their health.

The media has generated a very high level of fear in the general population of catching COVID. People are afraid of COVID so they wear a mask, it is something to do that might help. Another reason people wear masks is because of peer pressure, if everybody is doing it, I guess I will do it too.

I carry a mask with me and I wear it when I am asked to rather than create a scene, but I don’t like it, not because I am being forced to, but because when I wear the dumb thing I feel like a dog that just got neutered.

7 thoughts on “Face Masks – why I hate them

  1. Robert Mesecher

    I wear a mask because my employer will fire me for not following the governor mandate. They want their business to survive and can’t afford to get fined and hope we can get back if ever to the old normal. They also wear it in fear of being fined as a business


  2. Wayne Strohmeyer

    I’m sorry you feel that way about the use of masks because you are a leader. There may be doctors who feel that the masks don’t help suppress the spread of Covid by they are not the experts from the CDC, NIH or Health and Human Services. Scientist from these agencies say that masks are essential for controlling the spread of the Virus.

    I don’t like masks but I wear them out of respect and concern for friends, family and others around me;especially my elderly father. I am more than willing to swallow my own pride or dislike to protect others. I truly wish you would reconsider your stance on this issue because you are a leader and a person of influenza.


  3. Travis Sheffield

    If face masks work, why have we had a surge of new cases since it was mandated for all of us to wear them? Just a false sense of security to allow the masses to put a sense of faith in a mask rather then Our Savior Jesus Christ!


  4. Annette Trucco

    Pastor Dee I am so proud of you for taking the stand that you do. I have been a nurse for 50 years and I’ve read reports that so many doctors state that the virus goes right through the mask. I hate masks and I do the same as you do. I take them with me I wear them when I’m forced to, so I can go in the store and the minute I get out of the store it’s off!
    Thank you for your wonderful blogs


  5. Laura De Haven

    There’s another reason to wear “the mask.” Out of sympathy and love for those who are afraid. I am not afraid of C-19 and I am also not convinced that a mask helps to prevent it. However, I actually began wearing a mask in public places (not outdoors or in my vehicle) before it was a mandate because other people were/are afraid and as a follower of Jesus I feel convicted to show his love for them by being sensitive to their feelings of fear. I do not judge others who do not have that same conviction, but I must follow what He leads me to do. Another thought–this may be an opportunity. Perhaps masks could be made up with messages of His love (Jesus Loves You, Faith=No Fear, God Destroys C-19, etc.) or with Bible verses/promises. We could use this current mask situation to spread the Good News! Hallelujah!



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