When I wrote my goals about a month ago I decided not I do a bicycle trip this year for a variety of reasons most of them because I am getting wimpy. So, I decided a couple of days ago that I wasn’t going to get wimpy, or act wimpy so I planned a bicycle trip. It is a three-week trip covering 1300 miles. We will leave Jefferson and head East to Bend, then go North to Mt Ranier, then West for a bit and then back North go the Olympic Peninsula, then South down the Washington coast into Oregon and when we get to Newport we will head East back to Jefferson. We will camp most nights in campgrounds carrying everything on our bikes unless we get a support vehicle to go. We will average about 70 miles a day and see some beautiful country. Now that I have the route all planned I am checking out all the roads using Google earth. It is fun traveling the roads via the wonders of modern photography and electronics.

Now that I have made the decision to do this trip I am getting all excited about it. Even though I have done a long distance bicycle trip for the last seven summers this is still a very big goal in the sense of difficulty in accomplishing for me. Thinking about the struggle that I had on the last two trips is what prompted me to skip it this year. I am getting excited about doing it, the challenge of it, the scenery, the camping, and the time alone on my bike eight hours a day to think, create, reflect, and ponder. But I am also getting nervous about the pain, the exhaustion, and the struggle every morning to get out of my sleeping bag and get on that stupid bicycle.

I know that the benefits of the trip on my health are very high, but I also know that the benefits to my character are even more significant—that is why I am doing it.

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