I died last night

John 11:11-14 Jesus said to His disciples, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I go, so that I may awaken him out of sleep.” The disciples then said to Him, “Lord, if he has fallen asleep, he will recover.” Now Jesus had spoken of his death, but they thought that He was speaking of literal sleep. So Jesus then said to them plainly, “Lazarus is dead,”

Every night when I put my head on my pillow I say, “Lord Jesus, I know one of these days I am going to die just like I am going to sleep now, and instead of waking up and seeing Patty, I will wake up and see You. I am ready and anxious for that to happen. Please give me more to do for You tomorrow or take me home tonight, I only want to stay if it means fruitful labor for You.”

Praying that prayer every night does a couple of things for me. The first thing is that it takes away all fear of dying and therefore all fear, because the fear of dying is the soil all other fears grow out of. I am not afraid of COVID, I am not afraid of cancer, I am not afraid of Parkinson’s, and I am not afraid of failure. Declaring my faith in God every night, declaring my faith in His care for me and that He has my life planned out every night, declaring my faith in eternal life in heaven with Him every night, and declaring my desire to bear more fruit for Him every night results in my faith growing, my passion and fire to do more growing, and my joy growing.

Repeating basic truths often and regularly causes those truths to become dominate in our thinking and then to fill our heart, soul, or inner person making us strong, confident, and happy people. Proverbs 23:7 says, “what a person thinks about most of the time determines who they are.”

We can choose what we think about, the command to “set our qmind on the things above,” is given numerous times in the Bible. We can by default let the world and the people around us dictate what we think about. We can, by simple passivity, allow the devil and his demons to influence to a high degree what we think about. Or we can allow God to control our thinking by reading His Word the Bible faithfully, daily is best, and to systematically memorize it, the Bible is the very mind of Christ.

So I am choosing to think about death as a graduation into a wonderful life with Jesus, and the postponement of death to be many opportunities to do more for Him that matters for all eternity. I am choosing to do that every night when I go to sleep.

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