I am archery hunting for elk and deer over by La Grande, Oregon with several friends for the next week. Hunting is an activity that I have been involved with since I was 12 years old. I have hunted for deer, black tail, mule, and white tail deer the most, then elk, and I have hunted antelope, black bear, grissly bear, moose, caribou, mountain lion, sage rat, rattle snake, goose, turkey, duck, dove, grouse, pheasant, and this next year I am going pig hunting. I haven’t killed a moose or a grizzly bear yet, but everything else and we ate everything except the sage rats. Even though, over the years, we have eaten a lot of game that I have killed, the value of the meat hasn’t even been close to the amount of money that I have spent over the years on this activity. Guns, bullets, bows, arrows, broad heads, knives, clothes, and a bunch of other ”essentials” to numerous to remember. I have spent many hours in actual hunting and even more in practice and preparation time to help assure that a hunt will be successful. I have made several attempts in the last couple of years to quit hunting because it is getting to be a struggle physically to participate in it, but I keep finding a way to keep up the addiction. It could be the thing I am doing when I fall over with a heart attack. I quit trying to figure out the psychology of it all year’s ago go, and simple acknowledge the fact that I enjoy hunting very much, and that it is one of the activities in my life that helps keep me sane, balanced, happy, energized, and passionate. I am not addicted to alcohol, drugs, porn, gambling, video games, television, just hunting and fishing. I suppose I could start a support group, but it wouldn’t be to try and quiet, just an excuse to get together with other hunting and fishing addicts and tell stories and show off pictures. I am a happy, fulfilled 72 year old man who has lived a full and good life, and hunting has been a key reason why.

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