Aging, Putting on the Brakes

I have a goal of having 700 Bible verses memorized by the end of 2020. I just finished memorizing the book of Philippians which has 4 chapters and 105 verses. I also have a goal of reviewing 100 of the verses that I already have memorized each day. A key reason is the Bible is the Word of God, the mind of Christ, the wisdom of God, the will of God, and it is living, active, supernatural, and guides me into the perfect will of God in my life. Another motive for my memorizing is to keep any dementia and any form of Alzheimer’s at bay, and to keep my mind as sharp as possible. I forget things so easy now, and sometimes find my mind just revolving around and around on some ridiculous subject for no apparent reason. I also read 20 pages every day, without fail, again to keep my mind sharp. I read theology, Bible, Leadership, current events/politics, how to books on building, welding, auto restoring, fishing, hunting, and bicycle touring. I write for an hour every day, which includes, my blog, sermons, lessons, prayers, letters, and strategies for accomplishing my goals. When I go on a fishing trip or some other trip where I will be so busy with activities that I forgo my mental disciplines for several days in a row I notice very quickly my mind losing it’s ability to focus, remember, and reason. I am then very motivated to get back at the disciplines and routines designed to keep my mind sharp.

I also am continually working at keeping my physical body from getting old and wimpy. I ride a stationary bike an hour a day, lift weights, go on annual bicycle trips of several thousand miles, attempt periodic crazy things like climbing Mt Adams, and run a half marathon. I don’t eat any refined sugar or gluten, and I weigh every day.

More important than my mental and physical health is the health and positive growth of my spirit and soul. The Bible talks about those whose devotion to Jesus Christ gets lukewarm, they fall away, others become worldly and Carmel, loving the world and the things in it more than Christ. Back sliding as a Christian is incredibly easy to let happen, especially when you get old and think you are set.

In order to motivate myself and hold myself accountable I have a list that I read and check off daily of my physical, mental and spiritual disciples. There are 12 of them, and I call them my ” Daily Dozen Disciplines” to success, joy, accomplishment, and perpetual youth.

I didn’t write this blog to impress you with myself, but to try and motivate you to pursue these daily routines so that you continually grow as a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. The key is routine, no compromise, discipline, and endurance.

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