I got to ride in an ambulance

We were having a barbecue yesterday in our back yard with 3 different of our kids and their familes. Sam was barbecuing sockeye salmon that I just brought home from Alaska from a fishing trip. I got to feeling dizzy and asked Patty to help me walk to the bedroom so I could lay down for a minute, and shortly after standing up I fainted. I guess I was kind of a spooky sight lying there with my eyes wide open, my mouth open, my face white as a sheet, and out like a light. I came to just as the EMT’s showed up and then the ambulance. I really didn’t want to go to the hospital, but I was so groggy I couldn’t put up much of a fight. I fainted because of a drop in blood pressure, my blood pressure was 80/50. By the time we got to the Albany hospital it was back up to my normal 120/80. I think that the reason it dropped was that I inadvertently took two doses of my Parkinson’s medicine within 2 hours when it is supposed to be every 8 hours. I have an alarm on my phone that reminds me every 8 hours and then I mark that I took it, but sometimes I get to busy to mark it down, and then I forget that I took it. I probably will be more careful now, at least for awhile. Man it is a bummer getting old. First-time for me to ride in an ambulance. I think I will make it my last. Being physically out of it, and unable to get my body to do what I want is a very rotten feeling. I got home from the hospital and rode my stationary bicycle for two hours and again this morning, disciplining my body for being so wimpy. I am planning on climbing Mt Adams in one week so I better be getting in shape. The command to be strong is given almost 50 times in the Bible and it obviously isn’t talking about physical strength when it says that. The command to be strong in the strength which God supplies means to manage pressure well, to endure under trials, to not be anxious, or fearful of the COVID virus, and to not get uptight when you get Parkinson’s, cancer, heart problems, or a broken toe. Paul said, ”my physical body is getting weaker but my spiritual body is getting stronger”. That is what I want and will work hard to make happen.

3 thoughts on “I got to ride in an ambulance

  1. Korin Sanders

    Oh…my…gosh. That scared me. You don’t know me but I’ve studied your teachings for about 10 years now. Intensely for 5. For instance, off the top of my head, I know… read your Bible everyday, everyday, everyday…you have 27 grandchildren, you fleeced God with a marked maple leaf, you bought 40 cows and lost 1/2, you were 100% redeemed from it, you fought on your honeymoon, you love comic books and Superman etc.., you mom was wonderful and her lesson with that bully almost made me cry. I really could go on and on. I admire Patty and yourself and i use you both as role models. I come from a rough background. Your children are so lucky. Im sure by now they know they are. Anyways, I’ve been inspired to get involved and join your church. I dont want you to not know how much you have inspired me. Your words and wisdom are the only reason I’m okay and praying more and am going to be alright. I got out of prison in 2004. I came to Oregon in 2009 and discovered your radio show shortly thereafter. I became hopeless and you redirected me. Thank you Pastor and Mrs.. Duke.

    PS please don’t scare us like that again!!

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